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diy tumbler

ClayBox Project

︎ the brief

We wanted to explore product design to diversify our skills, so ClayBox was formed (or shall we say unboxed?)—a team dedicated to making, innovating, and curating items that inspire creativity.

︎the objective

To design products that serve as unique gifts to our Claymates and clients, while increasing our brand awareness by launching them to the public as profitable must-haves.


︎ the solution

The ClayBox team elevated the average tumbler by giving its owner the freedom to play. Each package came with stickers in odd shapes and catchy shades to embellish the item with, making sure that no two DIY tumblers are the same.

Our Claymates flexed their masterpiece on social media and tagged @claycreativestudio, allowing us to share—via stories and a reel—how we turned our ideas into a functional product that showcased our playful culture and boosted employee morale at the same time.  


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let's play!

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