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clay creative studio

welcome to our clayground of ideas

founded in 2021, clay creative studio started out with a trio of experts in advertising, publishing, and production management. with an appetite for challenging the norms of the creative industry, we've grown into a team of 28 claymates, molding and kneading stories that deliver results to the international and local clients we collaborate with.

our mission ︎

to open a playground of ideas that bend creative norms, helping brands stand out in every unique, relevant, and results-driven project we add fun into

our vision ︎

to be the benchmark of creativity—shaping better ideas that positively impact brands and lives worldwide

meet the core team ︎︎

Ivan Bartolome

Creative Director & Co-Founder
A design and advertising expert for more than 15 years, Ivan has been passionate in creating experiences that spark curiosity and ignite imaginations. He finds immense satisfaction in fostering a collaborative environment where ideas can flourish. 

During his downtime, expect him to pull some strings, quite literally—the electric guitar is definitely his jam.

Diona Valdez

Associate Creative Director & Co-Founder
With over 13 years of copywriting experience, Diona takes pride in her meticulous attention to detail. Collaborating with brilliant minds and the thrill of winning a pitch excite her, hence her can-do attitude in creating impactful ad campaigns.

When she’s not writing or editing, she lifts weights and eats cake, in no particular order.

Nomer Vitalicio

Account Director & Co-Founder
With empathy as his superpower, Nomer deeply connects with clients and partners from different backgrounds. A natural visionary, he believes that there’s a wide range of untapped possibilities for Clay waiting to be uncovered.

His drive for success never stops— just like his motivation to explore the whole world through traveling.

Alo Meneses

Art Director
Alo has mastered design through his work for retail giants like Nintendo, Sony, and Nabisco. His secret weapon? Adaptability. He creates visuals that not only resonate with audiences, but also constantly evolve with industry trends.

Talk about always stepping up his game—even in the video games that he plays on his time off.

Cessy Galguerra

Associate Art Director
Cessy’s journey has been fueled by her love for design. Honing her skills as a young graphic artist and growing into her current role, empowering her team of talented designers brings her fulfillment.

Outside work, she dabbles in other creative pursuits like arts and crafts, or adding a unique pair of frames to her ever-growing eyeglass collection.

Joshua Argosino

Associate Art Director
From designing awesome logos to dealing with partners and clients, Argo never fails to be enthusiastic in his daily tasks. He always strives to bring a positive impact on everyone, making sure they’ve had a better day after working with him.

Besides flexing his creative muscles, he’s into DIY-ing something cool, jamming out to pop-punk music, and getting a good workout.

Maxine Lumague

Copy Lead

Hitting the ground running in advertising, Max has written ads for giants like McDonald's, Pfizer, and Great Taste Coffee. Always driven, she thrives under pressure and comes up with solutions quickly and efficiently.

Beyond brainstorming, she brings the same energy to her hobbies: singing, making music, and cycling with friends.

Porsche Mendijar

Production Lead
A master multitasker, Porsche has conquered graduate school while leading a promising team of production managers. She doesn’t shy away in speaking her mind—but always does it with impeccable timing and tact.

During her free time, she can be found going on a roadtrip or working up a good sweat at the gym.

Sydney Monforte-Gil

Production Lead
Syd has navigated through roles in marketing, production, events management, and advertising. With her versatility in taking on projects, it’s no surprise that she has what it takes to be a well-rounded production manager..

She’s also got the heart for creativity—expressing herself through makeup and managing her cafe business.

Twinkle Salazar

HR Generalist
Twinkle’s passion is cultivating a positive company culture and building a workplace where employees shine. In her book, empathy is crucial to creating genuine connections with others.

Taking a break for her means solving jigsaw puzzles and binging on sitcoms, medical drama, and sci-fi series.

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