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How Our Women Lead the Clay Way

March 8, 2024

In an industry where creativity thrives on diversity, inclusion holds a profound significance within Clay Creative Studio’s women-dominated workforce. This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion, resonates within our empowered walls, where inclusivity isn't just a buzzword—it’s deeply embedded in our ways of working.

As we celebrate the contributions of women to our creative landscape, it's important to recognize their leadership and their impact on shaping the Clay culture. As our HR Generalist Twinkle Salazar puts it, “They say women are more empathetic than men. That trait is essential when dealing with people from different backgrounds.”

And she's not wrong. According to a 2020 research from Harvard Business School, diversity in a group enables everyone to perform better collectively. This holds true at Clay, whether it’s brainstorming, problem-solving, or decision-making. With women proactively guiding our internal committees, from creative projects to agency-wide events, we’re always confident that things will run at their best.

Diversity and inclusion also empower each Claymate to bring their own voice to the table. Associate Art Director Cessy Galguerra shares, "Being the only woman art director in the design team has given me a distinct leadership style that allows me not just to care about the design but about the designer as well. Intentionally taking care of my artists has always created for us a space conducive to creativity and productivity!”

Copy Lead Max Lumague, on the other hand, emphasizes how gender inspires her to see things from a different perspective: “Being a woman can sometimes present unique challenges in the workplace, but I see it as a great opportunity to practice empathy, empower others, and foster a supportive work environment.” Indeed, Max’s leadership style is evident in how the Copy Team operates: like a well-oiled machine, with some productive fun in between.

Clay’s commitment to providing an inclusive space for our women extends beyond individual experiences. Diona Valdez, our Associate Creative Director, highlights how diversity and inclusivity lead to creating campaigns that not only drive results for clients but leave an impression to customers, too. She says, “Female sensibilities all the more bring life to inclusive storytelling that's captivatingly relatable to audiences. I couldn't be prouder to be in a women-dominated company that never fails to acknowledge and celebrate our value.”

Our culture is proof that when men and women collaborate openly and respectfully, it sets a positive example at work and beyond. It's not just about policies—it's about creating a culture where everyone feels appreciated and supported, no matter their identity.

Leadership at Clay isn’t just defined by titles. It’s about growth and the value one contributes to a common goal. Graphic designer Majean Daria says, “Being a woman doesn't make me feel too vulnerable and underestimated. There are no negative stereotypes. We’re free to let our talent and passion thrive regardless of our age or gender.” Copywriter Iris Mauricio agrees, “It's refreshing to work in an environment where I feel secure as a woman not only because there are many other women, but also because I’m among men that don't feel threatened by female success or empowerment,” while project manager Bianca Ong says, “Women are great at multitasking, and working with them has helped me immensely with project management. Grateful to be working in a company that helps women thrive.”

Countless studies show that companies with diverse teams not only have better employee engagement rates but also have enhanced overall business performance. At Clay, our passion for inclusivity isn't just about doing what's right—it's what drives the success of our collaboration, our people, our clients, and our agency as a whole.

So here's to the women trailblazers, the storytellers, the artists, and the dreamers who make the workplace an inclusive and innovative space—where every individual is encouraged to shine in their own way. Cheers to diversity, creativity, and the women who make our Clayground feel like home.

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