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Creating a Social Media Strategy to
Rebrand PhilBritish Insurance

May 21, 2024

Building on our successful partnership in updating Philippine British Assurance Corporation (PBAC) into PhilBritish Insurance (PBI) with a refreshed brand identity, our team devised a comprehensive social media campaign to reinforce PBI’s new "By your side" tagline through service, convenience, and partnership with both existing and potential customers and agents.

Crafting the Launch Video
We gathered images showing trust that bonds: families sharing moments of joy, colleagues working closely together, and friends standing beside each other through thick and thin. These visuals shaped our narrative, illustrating PBI's unwavering commitment to be "by your side."

The key message was clear: PhilBritish is not just an insurance provider but a dependable ally, ready to support and protect its clients and agents every step of the way. This sets the stage for driving what genuine trust means in different relationships.

We focused on content themes to communicate how the brand embodies trust:

  • Service. PhilBritish's unparalleled customer care through both favorable and challenging times.
  • Convenience. Its mission to simplify non-life insurance by enabling smoother access to products and services, therefore providing peace of mind to its clients.
  • Partnership. Empowering customers and agents to confidently pursue their goals, knowing that PBI stands as a loyal partner that understands their journey.

Rolling Out the Campaign

With the video “Tiwala” as our hero piece, we launched the social media campaign with a twofold objective: to boost brand awareness as well as engagement among our target audience. Leveraging the power of storytelling, we strategically distributed the video across various digital platforms, ensuring maximum reach.

A key strategy was combining English and Filipino for accessibility and relatability. By speaking directly to the target audience in a casual and familiar language, we aim to build a deeper connection, reinforcing PhilBritish as a brand that truly values its customers and agents.

Through static and animated posts, we sparked interest in the brand—a great start to position PhilBritish Insurance as a beacon of trust and reliability in the competitive insurance landscape.

Evaluating the Results

The rebranding video launch was remarkable, particularly based on social media engagement and how people felt about the brand.

PhilBritish’s Facebook page reach has seen a notable impact: totaling 56,567 compared to a mere 5,476 in March, which represents an astounding 3,100% increase in engagement. Similarly, there’s been a 966.7% increase in reach on Instagram, showcasing the wide-ranging impact of our social media strategy.

The rebranding campaign also stirred enthusiasm among PBI employees. Their involvement and support in the data-gathering and feedback process during the ideation phase fostered a sense of ownership and pride in the updated brand identity—a strong indication of the social media campaign's positive reception and its alignment with the company’s values.

published by:  clay creative studio

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